We worked with Recite Me on the creation of their new customer facing website.

About The Client

About The Client


Recite me is a multinational tech for good SAAS company, with over 3000+ live clients. They believe that websites and digital products should be accessible to everyone. Originally created by Arch, the product has since broken away into its own brand, fuelling a revolution in web accessibility for businesses globally.

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The Problem

The Problem

Arch had originally built the Recite Me website some time ago during the company’s early years. However, as consumer needs changed, we began to work with Recite Me to evaluate how their existing site was performing in relation to their new, more advanced way of positioning the brand and delivering key content to their potential and existing customers. With Recite Me now established as a fully multinational organisation, it was decided a redesign and rebuild of their website was the best course of action. 

Through extensive analysis of how the current site was operating, and how organisational milestones in the future would need to be achieved, we worked with Recite Me to define and scope a brief that would encompass all core current and future goals for the company, while keeping development processes within the set timeline.


The Solution

The Solution

With the use of our discovery process, we were able to determine the key objectives for delivering a successful website for Recite Me, among these, heavy emphasis was placed on making sector specific content available to the appropriate audiences, with protocols in place for the strategic ‘funnelling’ of this audiences across the site, delivering to them a comprehensive set of resources to aid in their understanding of Recite Me could benefit their business and customers. 

To achieve this accurately across the multitude of sectors Recite Me works within, we created detailed user profiles, which included professional backgrounds of potential users, their goals and requirements. Summarily, the information that came from this stage was invaluable in determining site layout, content organisation and flow, as well as core UX functionality that needed to be included in order to facilitate ease of use. Additionally, we undertook competitor analysis to help identify where these businesses may have shortfalls in their ability to acquire new customers. 

The resulting website is one that fulfils the internal requirements of Recite Me to the fullest, taking into account all goals outlined in the discovery phase of the development process. The website has been launched across the 3 localised businesses (Recite Me US and AU), with content hosting abilities which are specific to the requirements of each business. 


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Project Testimonial

  • They've delivered everything on time, meeting the criteria that we've set out for the project. They're adaptable and able to provide a solution quickly.

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