Our Process

Our project process has been built from the ground up, based on 15 years of experience developing both large and small scale software projects. Our process is highly adaptable and can be entered into at any stage depending on the unique needs of our clients. We can also work as a blended team, carrying design or dev only roles. It employs a healthy blend of both agile and waterfall frameworks, meaning we can develop secure project timelines and costs early on while maintaining a high level of adaptability throughout the development and design cycles.

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We like to understand our clients

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This is the creative part.

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It’s starting to become reality.

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Q. Do we have to follow this process?

You can join at any stage within the project journey, we will however always work with you to make sure a detailed scope of deliverables to ensure expectations and requirements are fully met along the way. We can also work as part of a blended team, which would see this process adapted to include external parties.

Q. I’ve spoken to other agencies, they talk about agile. How does your process work?

If you have a fixed budget then generally pure agile won’t work for you. Over the last 15 years, we’ve taken the best parts of waterfall and agile to create a process that allows us to deliver fixed costs projects to a manageable timescale. We take parts from the agile process, seeing us output a sprint plan, regular updates, chance for feedback and adaptation which will see us going through releases of design and development environments. This means we can get products to market that delivered to a high standard, and done so in a timely manner.

Q. I already have designs for my project, can you work with those and build against them?

Yes, we have collaborated with many design teams in the past. We do this by running a smaller discovery which provides us with a scope of work that outlines how we will fit our development processes to bring your design to a live product. We then proceed with the typical development, testing and launch phase processes.

Q. We have an in-house dev team, we’d like you to do the design, is that okay?

Yes - we would work as a blended team with your devs and our designers to define a scope of work for the design and begin following our UX practices as outlined above.

Q. Does this process take a long time?

Timescales are influenced by the complexity of the solution we’re building for you. Our process allows for development in chucks, meaning you can do iterative releases for projects with an established market.

Q. Is your cost really fixed?

Yes - our process allows for the sense checking of all project aspects in advance, so the cost we set at discovery is the final cost, however, costs can increase if there are design/feature changes made by you during the process. This would see us review any change requests with you, and determine if they’re critical. If they’re, the cost would be fixed against that update and built into the sprint plan.