It's more critical than ever to make sure your services have a digital offering that is accessible. Check out some of the work we've been doing to help both large and small wellness services.

Well-being solutions are increasingly taking a digital-first approach, allowing a more significant number of people to access help and support from the comfort of their homes. As we move into an ever more online world, it’s more important than ever to ensure your services have an accessibly minded digital offering. Check out some of the work we’ve been doing to support wellbeing services big and small.


Getahead was created to promote the understanding and practice of improving mental health alongside sport and physical fitness. We worked with them on the design and development of a new iOS and Android app that focuses on allowing users to build a holistic, trackable picture of their health.

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Sweaty gamer logo

Coming Soon: Sweaty Gamer

Sweaty Gamer aims to help young gamers who play a lot of games indoors to get out, have a healthier lifestyle and get access to exercise tips and guides without investing in expensive gym memberships or equipment. The app is designed to create a complementary link between sedentary activities and exercises that can be performed in a range of spaces. 

NHS Trailblazers

We're assisting NHS England with the launching of a new online Mental Health education resource for 12 -18-year-olds in at-risk areas.

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