Web & App Development

Our team specialise in the design and development of premium iOS, Android and Web products.

How do we go about developing software?

Each project has its own custom development needs. This sees us utilising various frameworks and code types, ranging from PHP, html5, Zend, AngularJS, React JS, Bootstrap, jQuery, Flutter (to name a few). Our focus when developing is based on following industry recognised, robust and fast grid systems. The grid system also helps us achieve a truly responsive design, targeting everything from large desktop displays to tablets and smaller mobile devices.


What is our approach to development? 

Our approach for then building out the backend environment for your app or website sees us craft custom modules to ensure stability, security and longevity. Engineered with performance tuning in mind, our preferred backend framework, Laminas, runs up to 4x faster than most frameworks.

We work our design and development phases in tandem, meaning we’re able to produce a back-end to your product that is just as intuitive and robust as it’s front-end. This collaboration between teams allows us to put UX at the centre of the project and enhance your user experience across the platforms you’ve chosen to build for.

Accessibility sits at the core of all of our design and development practices and has been since our inception. We're developers of Recite me, a leading digital accessibility product that is featured on over 2000+ websites globally and has been used over 2 million times globally in the last year alone.


What do our development processes achieve?

Following the completion of the development phase, you’ll receive a version of your application that is ready for both user and diagnostic testing. When it comes to this, we continually work to maintain the highest levels of security for all aspects of our development, launch and hosting services. That’s why we’ve undertaken the UK Government-backed Cyber Essentials Plus accreditation and boast ISO9001 and ISO27001 accreditation.

Throughout the project process, design and code is regularly tested against industry-leading practices, ensuring the product is delivered to you for client and user phase testing in its most complete and robust state.


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