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We continually release new and innovate digital products for our clients. Check out some of our exciting, soon to be released projects below.

positive plus one logo

Positive Plus One

Positive Plus One provides people living with HIV a safe and secure environment for support, friendship, connection and advocacy. We're assisting them in bringing their new app live which will allow users to chat, meet up and find resources and information on living with HIV.

My pension ID logo

My Pension ID

Arch is working with Pension ID to develop the new iOS and Android version. Using open banking and ID verfication APIs, pension ID provides a central place for users of the app to find, secure and provide digital verification for pension and savings. mypensionID offers a secure and convenient way to keep people connected with their pensions.

Telinsol farm score logo


AGTELLIGENCE is working with us to create a new application that will help support farmers and other interested parties in the agricultural industry to identify the health and viability of farmland, based on information gathered through intelligent satellite image rendering.

Sweaty Gamer

Sweaty Gamer

Sweaty Gamer aims to help young gamers who play a lot of games indoors to get out, have a healthier lifestyle  and get access to exercise tips and guides without investing in expensive gym memberships or equipment. The app is designed to create a complementary link between sedentary activities and  exercises that can be performed in a range of spaces. 


Omnia Machinery

Omnia Machinery

Omnia Machinery are global suppliers of heavy plant and construction machinery, we source the best quality used machines from our trusted suppliers. We're working with them on the redesign and development of their website.

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