We worked with Idris Estates to develop a new proptech platform improving transparency for buyers and sellers.

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About The Client

About The Client


Idris Estates is revolutionising the real estate landscape by offering a smarter, easier, and more transparent way to buy and sell homes. They combine the expertise of local estate agents, with real-time data-led insight, brought together with bespoke digital tools. Idris Estates is dedicated to modernising the home buying and selling process. 

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The Problem

The Problem

The real estate industry often suffers from complexity and lack of transparency, leading to stress and frustration for buyers and sellers alike. Idris Estates recognised the need for a modern, user-friendly platform that streamlines the process and provides real-time information to both clients and agents. They sought a solution that would empower their team, enhance customer experience, and set a new standard for real estate transactions. As part of this 3 key areas were identified to remedy: 

- Property platforms can be confusing to use for buyers.
- They commonly contain standard UX with winding user journeys.
- There is a lot of unnecessary stress fo users of property platforms. 

The Solution

The Solution

Leveraging the expertise of local property advisers and real-time property data, Idris Estates' aim was to instil confidence and trust in users, ensuring accurate property values and providing tools for effective communication. Together, we embarked on a comprehensive development journey with Idris Estates, focusing on creating a bespoke prop-tech platform that caters to the needs of both clients and agents. The platform prioritises transparency, accessibility, and ease of use. By integrating real-time property data, intuitive booking systems, and seamless communication channels, the platform promises to revolutionise the real estate experience for users across the region. 

The platform engages three core user groups. Those looking to buy, those looking to sell and users looking for a mortgage broker. In order to address these swiftly at the MVP stage, we worked with the Idris Estates team to outline a set of features that would address the pain points for the users in the immediate, while providing the opportunity for building on each user journey with new features in future phases of development. 

The collaboration between Idris Estates and Arch underscores a shared commitment to innovation and excellence. From the initial discovery process to the development of tailored features for the MVP release, both teams worked closely to ensure alignment with Idris Estates' vision and objectives. With a focus on iterative development and ongoing refinement, the partnership continues to evolve, driving positive change in the real estate industry.


3 user journeys, 1 website

3 user journeys, 1 website

The site encompasses 3 core user journeys: 

Sellers: Allowing users to sell their property through the website, request a valuation, and search for their next home on the site.

Buyers: The platform allows users to initiate the purchase of a property through the site, and arrange a viewing online with an agent.

Mortgage: A way for users to access information about the mortgage products offered by Idris Estates via their brokerage.

Idris Estates property platform features

Idris Estates property platform features

- User-friendly appointment booking. 
- A redefined user journey for property valuations.
- Integration with Zoopla listings via API.
- Custom GA setup. 
- Built with modularity for future growth.
- Industry-leading UX.

Idris Estates: From the Design Team

Throughout this project, we actively engaged the client in the design process, fostering a collaborative environment from the outset. Recognising the value of their input, we ensured they had ample opportunity to contribute at every stage. Together, we crafted the aesthetic and layout of the site, prioritising simplicity and clarity over unnecessary complexity. This approach not only allowed us to develop a cohesive design but also offered a fresh perspective on how real estate websites should be presented, distinct from the often cluttered approaches of competitors.

- Jake Charlton, Product Designer at Arch

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