Research and Development

Welcome to Research and Development. Here, we showcase our team members passion for developing their skills and creating exciting freeform work.

Passion projects feed the team's ability to explore new skills, develop refinement of practice and create future thinking work that sit's at the forefront industry progress in design and development. Together with our team, we've created a company ethos based on the ability for our team members to question the status quo, and work towards broadening their understanding of their craft.

Take a look around our sweet shop of software possibilities that will really hit your sweet spot.

Command Line Interface

The Command Line Interface is a great tool developed in-house by our DevOps team which helps reduce development time by improving our ability to generate pre-described code based on scoped features. This robust system takes much of the standard code formatting that needs to be done during the creation of a feature, and expedites it into a single process.

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Measure Fitness App

Measure is a holistic fitness app concept created by Arch Product Designer, Lewis Rickman, which utilised aggregated data to provide users with a complete fitness outlook.

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Raspberry Pi

Arch was engaged by accessible technology proliferators, A11hacks to create a treasure hunt style game for St Vincent’s School in Liverpool.

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The RADARR platform seeks to ease the process of connecting medical professionals with their patient's radiology reports with an all-in-one solution that allows for the reduction of the time it takes to make a diagnosis on the basis of MRI scans and X-rays.

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Fitz Coatings Corrosion Detection Tool

Learn how we helped corrosion protection specialists Fitz Coatings develop an outlay for a future tool that will assist their technicians in being able to accurately diagnose hotspots of corrosion for the shipping and built environment industries.

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