UI/UX Design

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Big impact, small changes

We understand the importance of brand identity in today’s market. We’re no strangers to developing inspiring digital products that give our clients an edge over their competitors, whether it’s through bold design or intuitive UX.

How we approach UI/UX Design

Through a consultative approach to the discovery phase, we identify your brand’s key characteristics and ensure a consistent design language is employed throughout the conception and creation of your digital product or service. We then take these characteristics and develop wireframes and eventually full product designs that encapsulate the essence of your brand, while also developing a design that will allow your users to make the most of your service.

Our ux design approach ensures that the products we develop aren’t cluttered with unnecessary actions, or steps to access the key goals of your product or service. We always carry out our design work with accessibility in mind, so ensuring your product has an easy to use interface is at the core of our goals.

How does our design process work?

5 steps make up our ux design process:

  1. Identifying who is likely to be the primary type of user and what are their requirements.
  2. Learning what their goal is, and where they need to go to make this work.
  3. Design based on the above requirements.
  4. Test your designs, with a pool of users as closely linked to the end-user as possible.
  5. Learn from the tests and make amendments where necessary.

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