We've worked with SKIN on the design, development and support of their application since their inception in 2021. We've been together through multiple funding rounds, app iterations and their appearance on the BBC's hit TV show, Dragons' Den.

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SKIN is a groundbreaking beauty marketplace app connecting users with over 2,400 brands and 160,000 products, revolutionising the skincare industry. As featured on BBC's Dragons' Den and acclaimed by leading publications, SKIN offers personalised price-drop alerts, product wishlists, and a barcode scanner for effortless inventory updates. Developed by Arch, this user-friendly platform empowers beauty enthusiasts to make informed purchasing decisions, establishing SKIN as the ultimate money-saving beauty app.

The Problem

The Problem

The concept for SKIN stemmed from co-founders Ben Barter and Flinty Bane recognising a gap in the skincare market—a need for a user-friendly platform offering unbiased recommendations and price-saving features. Seeing the potential to revolutionise the beauty industry, they brought their vision to Arch, seeking expertise in digital product development. With Arch's guidance and technical prowess, the idea evolved into a comprehensive beauty app, empowering users to make informed decisions while saving money. This collaboration between SKIN and Arch has transformed a vision into a reality, shaping the future of skincare technology.

The Solution

In the initial phase of development, SKIN and Arch embarked on a journey centred around community building within the beauty industry. Recognising the importance of fostering a sense of belonging among users, the app initially incorporated social media-style features, creating a vibrant community hub. This approach aimed to not only attract users but also to cultivate engagement and interaction among them. However, as we progressed into phase 2, we collectively reevaluated the app's direction, recognizing the need to pivot towards a more focused and user-centric approach. Throughout our longstanding partnership, we've refined SKIN's features and functionalities to serve users' needs better, ultimately deciding to streamline the app's scope to prioritise its marketplace and shelf-oriented features. This strategic decision ensures that users can efficiently find the best deals and manage their skincare products effectively while keeping all the fun the app is known for.

Dragons' Den Success

Dragons' Den Success

SKIN was featured on season 21 of the hit BBC1 TV series, Dragons’ Den. Their pitch piqued interest, with positive comments from all the Dragons, but it was Sara Davies from whom Ben and Filnty secured a £50,000 investment.

“I’m over the moon that we’re going to be working alongside Sara to grow our business. I believe SKIN is going to revolutionise the way we shop for beauty - with Sara’s backing, there’s no stopping us” - Flinty Bane, co-founder of SKIN

Investor Sara Davies concluded: “I love the simplicity of Flinty and Ben’s concept. Comparison sites and apps are the norm in so many other retail sectors, so why not beauty? I can’t wait to work with the duo to support and mentor them through the next exciting step, taking SKIN to consumers around the world.”

A Story of Collaboration

SKIN and Arch share a rich history of collaboration, rooted in a partnership that spans from the app's inception in 2021. With Arch's expertise in digital product development, SKIN has flourished into a groundbreaking beauty platform, redefining the skincare and beauty landscape. Our longstanding relationship underscores a deep understanding of SKIN's vision and goals, enabling us to craft intuitive solutions that resonate with users. From the earliest stages of design to the app's successful launch, Arch has been an integral part of SKIN's journey, driving innovation and excellence every step of the way. Together, we continue to work to shape the future of the beauty marketplace.

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Project Testimonial

  • Arch provides valuable guidance to encourage the implementation of effective marketing strategies. A dedicated partner, they promote the iOS and Android apps on their social media profiles and help build the client’s network. They effectively communicate and efficiently execute the project.  

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