Flutter has been our preferred mobile app development framework for 4 years now. But what exactly is Flutter, and why are we so passionate about it?

Flutter is a hybrid framework created by Google in 2017 that combines the efficiency of cross-platform development with the natural and robust nature of native development. It enables us to design and build apps for both iOS and Android using the same codebase, slashing development times in half in some circumstances. In fact, there are a whole host of benefits to developing in Flutter.

Exquisite user experience

Flutter enables the design of flexible and expressive UI, and it certainly delivers on that promise. Developers can create amazing user interfaces thanks to a diverse set of reusable, configurable widgets. Furthermore, the inherent features of Flutter enable a smooth user experience and top-tier app performance.

Rapid time to store

Flutter, being a cross-platform mobile development solution, significantly shortens app delivery time. Because it makes one code reusable across two target platforms, it helps businesses minimise delivery time and grab audiences on both Android and iOS.

Savings on development costs

Working with one codebase rather than two always helps to reduce total project costs; hence, cost-efficiency is one of Flutter's most enticing aspects. The technology enables considerable savings by simplifying development and cutting app delivery time, increasing the application's return on investment.


Check out some of the fantastic apps we've developed with Flutter

Coeliac UK

Coeliac UK, a leading UK charity, has been assisting people with coeliac disease and other gluten-related conditions to live happier, healthier lives for almost 50 years.They accomplish this by advocating for better gluten-free food in more locations, giving independent, unbiased advice and support to our community, and funding critical research to not just manage the effects of gluten, but also to uncover solutions to the mystery of celiac disease. We’re working with them to bring to life a new solution that centralises their current 2 app offering into a single home for good gluten free living.

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SKIN worked with Arch to further develop their design spec and bring live their mobile app that seeks to provide a space for users to share their skincare products, learn about new ones and engage with influencers.

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Getahead was created to promote the understanding and practice of improving mental health alongside sport and physical fitness. We worked with them on the design and development of a new iOS and Android app that focuses on allowing users to build a holistic, trackable picture of their health.

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