We're working with mypensionID to streamline pension verification in the UK and connect people with their lost pension assets.

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About The Client

About The Client


mypensionID (myPID) is a company dedicated to empowering pension control and accuracy through secure technology. Understanding the challenges pension schemes face in maintaining up-to-date member data, myPID offers a secure, digital solution that eliminates the need for posting sensitive documentation or arranging document certification. Utilising biometric technology from the banking and financial sectors, myPID verifies documents and confirms member existence within minutes. They serve over 100 pension providers, ensuring secure retirements and reconnecting the public with lost pension pots.

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The Problem

The Problem

myPID approached us looking for a partner to undertake the redevelopment of their existing application aimed at ID verification for pension holders. Their existing application, while functional, required updating to meet a more modern user experience, and the introduction of refined technologies as part of the verification process. The original application also featured what users had identified as primarily UX-based issues with the verification process, from the sensitive requirements of the selfie element of the verification process, to frequent uninstalls and reinstalls to maintain functionality. 

The Solution

The Solution

In the initial phase of the project, our focus was on developing the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) for the app. We prioritised user registration, streamlining the sign-up process by integrating with IDVerse, an OCR (Optical Character Recognition) solution, for authentication. Users seamlessly entered the IDVerse flow, where they provided identification documents such as ID, passport, or driver's license. 

Leveraging this data, we automated the population of relevant fields, ensuring a smooth and efficient registration experience. Additionally, we implemented a step for users to capture a selfie for authorisation, marking the completion of the registration process. 

Throughout this phase, we emphasised user experience, incorporating visually appealing graphics and animations to enhance engagement.

There are a number of features soon to be released on the myPID app, including access to users' pension dashboard, notifications on re-verification and the ability to update personal information across pensions.


More on our solution for mypensionID

To maintain data accuracy and user trust, we integrated a proactive alert system. Periodically, users receive alerts prompting them to review specific pensions flagged by myPID for verification. This process ensures that the displayed and linked pensions align with user expectations and remain accurate over time.

A key highlight of phase 1 is the re-authentication mechanism, essential for verifying profile or pension changes securely. When users initiate changes requiring re-authentication, such as updating their profile or pension details, the system seamlessly prompts them to retake a selfie. This process is facilitated by IDVerse, which manages the re-authentication process, ensuring a seamless and secure user experience.

As we move forward with phase 1, our goal remains to deliver a user-centric app experience that simplifies complex processes and empowers users to manage their pensions effectively.
mypensionID Features

mypensionID Features

Digital scanning of personal ID’s including user passports or driver's licences. 

Full integration with IDVerse’s OCR functionality. 

Autopopulation of personal data for ease of use.

Intuitive help signposting for a fluid authentication process. 

Full integration with Target Professional Services user portal and backend solution. 

‘Remember me’ functionality for continued user access and reauthentication.

Built with Flutter.

mypensionID: From the Design Team

mypensionID: From the Design Team

The client had an existing brand identity, so we worked out the process slightly differently. This saw us focus on enhancing the branding they had already done, building on the consistency of colour and typefaces, but introducing fresh new moments. The main focus was on ensuring the UI/UX side of things was clear and concise because of the user demographic - we needed to design something that was intuitive, but simple to use.

- Jake Charlton, Product Designer

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Check out our myPID app overview video

If you're not a myPID customer but want to check out the app, fear not! We've put together a great overview video to show you what's inside!

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