We collaborated with BoilerJuice, the UK's leading heating oil marketplace, to develop a cutting-edge mobile application aimed at simplifying the process of ordering heating oil.

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About The Client

About The Client


BoilerJuice, established in 2004, was founded by a group of individuals determined to revolutionise the way heating oil is ordered, making it easier, cheaper, and more convenient for customers. Over the years, BoilerJuice has remained independent, providing impartial service to thousands of customers every week. Their platform facilitates price comparisons, online ordering, and delivery scheduling, and offers additional services such as boiler servicing and tank replacement. Recognised for innovation, BoilerJuice has garnered accolades including the Queen's Award for Enterprise in Innovation and has been featured prominently in media outlets such as the BBC and The Guardian.

The Problem

The Problem

BoilerJuice identified the need to upgrade its mobile application to better serve its growing customer base and align with its strategic objectives. The existing Connected app needed reworking to provide a modern experience and optimise the featureset. To address these issues, BoilerJuice partnered with Arch to develop a new mobile application that would not only replace the existing one but also stand out among competitors and meet the evolving needs of its users.

The Solution

The Solution

We embarked on a comprehensive development journey with BoilerJuice, focusing on integrating seamlessly with BoilerJuice's existing systems while enhancing user experience and functionality. The proposed strategy involved partnering up to build an iOS and Android mobile application that retrieves and sends data via APIs created by the BoilerJuice team. Working alongside the BoilerJuice backend team, Arch provided a team to build the iOS and Android app, working as one squad, with slack and end-of-week ceremonies. Leveraging Flutter, a cross-platform app development framework, we ensured efficiency and consistency across both platforms. The new application features streamlined order funnels, improved user interface design, and enhanced functionality, including tank level monitoring, transaction history, usage tracking, and order management. By keeping the business logic primarily within BoilerJuice's systems, the application remains flexible to accommodate future changes and updates.

BoilerJuice: From the Product Team

Collaborating with BoilerJuice has been an incredibly seamless experience, especially since our focus was solely on the front end. We established a strong connection with their team early on, fostering a collaborative environment that thrived on clear communication and mutual understanding. Our robust communication guidelines laid the foundation for a relationship built on trust and reliability.

Confidence, reliability, and the rapport we've cultivated with BoilerJuice have been key pillars throughout our collaboration. While the first phase initially targeted connected customers exclusively, the subsequent phases have broadened to encompass a wider range of customers, including core and commercial clients.

We worked closely with their internal product manager, designer, and QA team during the testing phases. This cohesive teamwork has fostered a positive and productive working relationship with all stakeholders involved in the project.

- Rachel Vaclik, Product Manager at Arch
Collaborating with BoilerJuice

Collaborating with BoilerJuice

The collaboration between BoilerJuice and Arch exemplifies a synergy of expertise and innovation. From the initial consultation to the launch of the new mobile application, both teams worked closely to ensure alignment with BoilerJuice's vision and goals. BoilerJuice has successfully transformed its heating oil ordering process, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving business growth. The partnership continues to evolve, with ongoing communication and collaboration to further optimise the application and meet the changing needs of BoilerJuice's customers.

BoilerJuice Features

BoilerJuice Features

User Authentication via biometric login and authorisation.

Seamless integration with the BoilerJuice website.

Real-time visualisation of tank levels for connected plan users.

Transaction management, with 6 months purchase history viewable.

Displaying of collated tank data, including usage and automatic ordering levels.

Integration with BoilerJuice's existing operations infrastructure.

Built with Flutter.

Watch the BoilerJuice app overview video

Not a BoilerJuice customer but want to see how the app works? We've put together a handy overview video so you can see it in action.

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