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All Seasons Leisure

The Client

All Seasons Leisure Sales is a family run business in County Durham and has been converting and selling campervans for over a decade. Their business is constantly expanding and their overall goal is to become more widely known across the whole of the UK and Europe.

We worked with ASLS to develop a system for them which would then form the foundation of a larger scope of work, based both on requirements they have now, and those that lie ahead.

The Challenge

All Seasons Leisure Sales were having a big issue with tracking van conversions. At the time that they approached us their old system was paper-based, manual and extremely time-consuming. They had no easy way of receiving orders from third-party partners and no clean way of keeping track of a vans progress through the conversion process.

They required a solution that would be available online and accessible 24/7, would work on portable tablet devices as well as desktop, and one which would be able to handle different user roles with a complex variety of permissions. It would need to allow partners to submit jobs via the system for ASLS approval. It should be able to handle multiple internal faculties, allow staff to quickly see the specifications of a van upon request and include an email alerting system.

The Solution

We used our in-house framework and existing modules to produce a feature-rich, entirely scalable system. We built this as a web application so it would be available online 24/7 and work responsively across various devices, as requested by the client.

A fully fledged Role Based Access Control system (RBAC) allowed for multiple roles and permissions, with an overriding control by admin accounts. A clever integrated event system allows for emails to be scheduled or triggered on demand and the system keeps track of paint, upholstery, interior, exterior and more.

The Results

The new All Seasons system went into production and on completion, all staff was successfully moved over from the paper-based system to the new online solution within weeks. Feedback suggests that the new system met all of our client’s niche requirements and is being fully utilised within the business exactly as we’d hoped.

We’re now in talks with All Seasons Leisure Sales to work with them on their new project, a solution to help take care of their concerns regarding stock control, and we can’t wait to get moving on this next phase of work.