SMASH came to us looking to explore a proof of concept for a new platform that would allow businesses in the hospitality sector to better connect with their customers.

About The Client

About The Client

SMASH is tackling obesity by helping young people develop a better relationship with food through education, access and rewards for making healthier food and drink choices. SMASH recently partnered with Liva Healthcare to further their mission of encouraging young people to eat healthily, especially in underserved communities.

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The Problem

The Problem

SMASH had an idea as to how to help our restaurant clients better connect with their customers, but they needed help with feasibility and discovery. When the initial concept came about, it had 2 main drivers:

  1. Without investing in an app themselves, or an expensive website, there is little restaurants can do beyond social media to promote their offering and engage their audience. This presented a huge gap for businesses looking for a more tailored solution to their digital offering. 

  2. Competing services used in lieu of such an application exist, but their lack of orientation towards the hospitality industry forms a huge problem.

The Solution

Through conducting an extensive discovery, we outlined a scope of work (SOW) that would allow SMASH to develop a new platform, which would generate a highly visible and appealing application which tailors not only to the eyes but the functions of food brands and establishments.

This saw us thoroughly explore detailed user personas based on research, unlocking the features that would ultimately lead to a successful proof of concept, before an expanded launch. Within these profiles we explored how restaurant chains, individual/local businesses, food bloggers and users, would best make use of the features proposed. We identified their pain points with their current business, explored their core goals and hypothesised how the platform would meet these. 

In order to meet internal deadlines for the team, we needed to engineer a plan of action that addressed their core needs, while providing the flexibility and modularity to improve on the system further down the line. 

This plan of action was bundled with detailed user flows and outlines of the most appropriate UX pathways (taking into account the design work already done by SMASH). Ultimately, the conclusive document outlined the optimal pathway for the development for both the consumer facing app and web-based management portal. This gave the team at SMASH the opportunity to take informed, sound discussions internally and plan ahead for the future.

More on our discovery process can be found here: Arch Discovery

Project Testimonial

  • Arch delivered a great proposal for the MVP, which confirmed the feasibility of the client's MVP solution. Collaborative and insightful, the team worked closely with the client to help them make informed decisions about their product. Their professionalism and can-do attitude stood out.

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