We're working with Farrat to help them automate their customer service journeys and maximise customer satisfaction and revenue generation.

About The Client

About The Client


Farrat produces a range of products for structural engineering and construction including thermal breaks, vibration control and isolation materials and tools. Farrat commissioned Arch to work with them to enhance their digital product set, with a particular focus on making the most of sales opportunities at the lower end of the value scale.

The Problem

Farrat pride itself on being leaders in their industry, as a result, they receive a high number of orders from project of varying sizes. Those above a set order quota are handled directly by their team in order to ensure high standards are met on commercial-scale projects. However, they also receive a large number of orders from smaller-scale projects, requiring standardised solutions. These orders equate to a substantial amount of business for the firm, which requires time-sensitive attention to retain the order. As a result, Farrat are working with us to bring to life a new solution to supply their customers with automated processes where appropriate and human interaction where necessary to help them continue to satisfy customers of all sizes.  

The Solution

The Solution

As a part of our process, we took Farrat through discovery with the outlook to scope a programme to provide automation to their sales and client relationship process, reducing workload for their admin and sales teams. Following extensive team workshops where we deep divided into their core sales processes, we proposed integrating a solution in the form of an intervention into their CRM system, similar to the work we did with our longstanding clients, DMA. The intervention includes a clever portal that allows users to upload CAD drawings and Bills of Material (BoM's) in order to ascertain the precise requirements of their projects. The inputs from this portal automatically route the customer to either immediate human intervention (for projects above a value threshold), or routes them to an automatic ordering process that is integrated with their preexisting SAP solution. 

The simple to use, yet intelligent intervention in this process ensures projects of a lower value threshold aren't missed as opportunities, while providing Farrat's sales and administration teams time to give each client the attention they need in a precisely timed fashion.

Project Testimonial

  • Arch has provided high quality work that has impressed the us. They’ve fostered effective project management through a communicative approach. Overall, their accessibility, flexibility, and pragmatic attitude make them stand out. 

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