Measure Fitness

Measure is a holistic fitness app concept created by Arch Product Designer, Lewis Rickman, which utilised aggregated data to provide users with a complete fitness outlook, wrapped in an Instagram-like design.

iPhone with Measure App logo and login screen

About Measure

Measure is a redefined look at how fitness trackers can promote a holistically healthy outlook on life. The concept, developed by Arch designer Lewis Rickman presents an androgynous exploration of the fitness app market and seeks to act as an aggregator of fitness application data, presenting user stats in a clean, easily interpretable dashboard.

Measure dashboard on iPhone

The Concept

Lewis' main objective in creating the Measure prototype was to simplify how users access their health and fitness data and assist in the setting of daily goals. The dashboard features a clean, bight design, perfect for use outdoors where instances of high screen glare might occur.

The colour scheme has been purposefully designed to denote a sense of please around activities, bright greens highlighting the active lifestyle of users. The app icon utilises 2 main graphical elements to simultaneously represent the 'M' for Measure as well as denote an outline of a mountain range.

User Feedback

User Feedback

Measure has amassed praise for its use of androgynous colour schemes, as well as it's clean feeling UX. The approach to health as a holistic outlook was also noted by UX testers as a great development for the fitness application health, noting the Mental Health section as a credit to linking the idea of exercise and mindfulness.

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