Get the Most out of Remote Working

Hive HR's Ben Lind speaks with Matt O'Connor about his methods for remote working best practices and his method for getting the most out of your workday.

Published by Hamish Kerry

Working from home is tough. You have to contend with a lot, be it the cat, dog, kids, or finding somewhere you can store the 72 roles of toilet paper you picked up last week.

We're all adapting, working hard to find a rhythm that works for ourselves. For some of us, that's been an understandable struggle. Luckily, we may have the solution you need.

Hive HR's Ben Lind has been working hard to address the issues most of us will face in the coming weeks:

  • How do we remain focused?
  • How to tackle working from home as an individual
  • How to tackle working from home as a team
  • How to avoid burnout

What's the best part? It's all bundled up for you here in this insightful video featuring Arch's Commercial Director, Matt O'Connor.

If you need any advice on how to work effectively from a remote location or indeed considering a new development please do get in touch for a chat with Matt.

Video by Ben Lind, Enterprise Sales Manager at Hive HR

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