Apple's Vision Pro and the Future of App Integration

Apple have just announced new details on their highly anticipated Vision Pro device which is set to launch early next year.

Published by Hamish Kerry

In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, one thing is for certain: Apple continues to push the boundaries of innovation. Recently, the tech giant unveiled two exciting developments that promise to change the way we interact with our devices: the Apple Vision Pro headset and a new App Store tailored for it.


Apple Vision pro headset


Apple Vision Pro: Merging Realities

The Apple Vision Pro headset, set to launch early next year, represents a major leap forward in the realm of mixed reality. This device aims to seamlessly blend our physical and digital worlds, offering a truly immersive experience. But what makes it even more remarkable is its approach to app integration.

Traditionally, launching a new platform comes with the challenge of populating it with apps that users will find valuable. Apple has addressed this issue by making the Vision Pro compatible with a vast library of existing iPad and iPhone apps. This means that from day one, users will have access to a plethora of familiar applications, creating a sense of continuity and comfort in this new mixed reality environment.

Most notably, Apple's visionOS, the operating system powering the Vision Pro, will automatically import and run these iPad and iPhone apps with little to no modification required. This seamless integration sets a new standard for transitioning between different Apple devices.


The New App Store: A Hub of Possibilities

Accompanying the Vision Pro is a brand-new App Store, purpose-built to cater to the device's unique capabilities. This App Store will feature not only apps and games specifically designed for visionOS but also hundreds of thousands of iPad and iPhone apps that are optimised for visionOS.

What this means for users is that they can enjoy their favorite iPad and iPhone apps side by side with new visionOS apps on the Vision Pro's expansive canvas. The possibilities are limitless, offering users a more connected, productive, and entertaining experience.


Seamless Transition and Compatibility

The key to this successful integration lies in the compatibility between visionOS, iPadOS, and iOS. Most frameworks available in the latter two are incorporated into visionOS, ensuring that almost all iPad and iPhone apps can run seamlessly on the Vision Pro. This transition is so smooth that users may not even realise they've left one device and entered another.

However, Apple also considers the instances where an app might require a capability that is not available on the Vision Pro. In such cases, App Store Connect will indicate the incompatibility, ensuring users only access apps that work flawlessly with the headset. Developers are given the option to update their apps to provide alternative functionality or adjust their UIRequireDeviceCapabilities.


Enhancing the Experience

For developers looking to take full advantage of the Vision Pro's capabilities, Apple offers the visionOS SDK. This toolkit enables developers to create apps that seamlessly integrate into the visionOS ecosystem, adopting the system's appearance and adding elements like 3D content optimised for vision and hand input.

This level of customisation allows developers to craft experiences that feel natural within the mixed reality environment, ultimately enriching the user's journey.


In summary

Apple's Vision Pro and its accompanying App Store signify a significant step towards the future of mixed reality and app integration. By seamlessly bridging the gap between the physical and digital worlds, Apple is poised to redefine how we interact with technology. With the Vision Pro's compatibility with existing apps and the flexibility it offers to developers, the possibilities are truly endless. It's an exciting time for both users and developers, as we witness the birth of a new era in technology.


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