We worked with social media startup Asapp to formalise their ideas and develop a successful product roadmap that went on to win them 6 figure investment.

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About The Client

Asapp is a revolutionary social networking app designed to allow users to meet instantly without a chat. Users open the app, view a map of their current location, click on a profile, and ask for a 'rendezvous'. Asapp will then suggest a time and location to arrange the rendezvous.

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The Problem

There is a myriad of applications online that focus on socialising. From Instagram and Facebook, to and eharmony, the lists are endless. However, a key issue with these apps and sites is the lack of ability to meet up offline, by design, they exist to keep you online and using their services. Asapp seeks a different road, one where meeting people offline becomes the main driver behind users intentions on the application.

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The Solution

We took Asapp through our Kickstart programme, building up for them a clear picture of the entire project landscape prior to an intensive and successful funding round. Asapp came to us with initial branding and an outline of the functionality they wanted to implement into the application. We underwent a period of intense user research and exploration to discover the optimal way to design, develop and launch the app. We created high fidelity prototypes, and a detailed specification document that outlined the requirements, which ultimately lead to them receiving a 6 figure investment in the app.

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Key Features

  • Extensive user filtering
  • Sign up with social accounts
  • Freemium and premium subscriptions
  • Rich media hosting
  • Geolocation
  • Built with Flutter
  • UX principles at its core

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