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Our Process


Here at Arch, we won’t leave you in the dark. We’re proud of our strong client relationships and believe clear and friendly communication is key.

We understand that every project is unique and a degree of flexibility is essential. That being said, we’ve honed our process over the years and you’ll benefit from our bank of tried and tested methods of project progression. This can be broken down into five key phases, from initial discovery to the ongoing improvements.

We strive to understand your goals and requirements inside and out, to ensure we’re able to solve any challenges for you and achieve measurable results. We will begin by researching and solution planning, and make sure that we know as much as we can about your business from the start.

Creative, fresh design comes after a thorough discovery phase. We use wireframes to outline the interaction flow and check that the key components are positioned logically. We understand the importance of user experience so we put a concept to the test, with UX in mind, before building begins.

Once the design has been locked down, we can begin the intricate task of building your new website or system. We’ll outline a development plan and keep you updated as our team of experts, digital architects, and front and back-end developers get to work behind the scenes.

At the point of launch, we’ll have a watertight plan for going live that takes your specific business requirements into consideration. The product will have been through a rigorous testing and bug-fixing phase, and if it passes all of our tests we’ll be ready to give it the green light.

Post-launch, we’ll stay involved. We will analyse performance to highlight any potential improvements further down the line, and offer ongoing support for as long as you’d like. We want your business to succeed because, put simply, that means we’ve done our jobs properly

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