We partnered with Deploy to create an innovative platform that connects high-calibre ERP independents through a private digital community.

About The Client

About The Client


Deploy is a groundbreaking concept aimed at revolutionising the way ERP professionals connect and collaborate. Established to serve the needs of ERP Independents, Deploy provides a digital community where users can find and hire experts for high-priority tasks. By fostering a supply and demand environment, Deploy facilitates seamless communication and collaboration among its members. Deploy's mission is to create the primary platform for ERP Independents to showcase their unique skills in a private digital setting, enabling open communication, problem-solving, and innovation.

The Problem

The Problem

Deploy identified the need for a mobile application to serve a community of ERP professionals who as of yet didn’t have a centralised platform to connect and share their skills with businesses. The goal was to create an exclusive, user-friendly platform that could accommodate various user types, facilitate connections, and support the strategic objectives of Deploy. 


The Solution

The Solution

We took on the responsibility of designing and developing the Deploy mobile application from the ground up. Working with a fresh slate, we set out to build an iOS and Adroid application using the Google-backed framework Flutter to ensure maximum reach 

The new application features intuitive user flows for both Business and Individual users, each with tailored fields and functionalities. Key functionalities such as user authentication, profile management, and real-time communication via comments on project posts were prioritised to ensure a seamless experience. 

The design of the application takes a minimalistic approach, ensuring user posts aren’t crowded by unnecessary ads or distractions. Posts are presented concisely, with a clear typography that denotes efficiency and order. Highlights of electric green are used alongside a monotonal palette that also enforces clarity within the UI. 


Deploy mockup 1

Deploy Features

  • User Authentication: Secure login and authorisation for all users.
  • Profile Management: Detailed profiles for Business and Individual users, with fields such as job title, expertise, and project experience.
  • Real-Time Commenting for Communication: To facilitate collaboration and problem-solving.
  • Secure Contact Details Requesting: For collaboration off the application. 
  • Built with Flutter: Ensuring a consistent and high-performance experience across both iOS and Android platforms.
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