Recording Fall Patterns in Parkinson's Patients

Later on this year, we’ll be commencing work with Dr Rosie Morris and her team on a new app that will support patients with Parkinson's disease to record their falls. Check out their story of co-production so far!

Published by Hamish Kerry

A team of collaborators, headed by Dr Rosie Morris of Northumbria University will be working with us on the development of their app which focuses on self-management and reporting of falls for Parkinson's patients. This comes following a desire from patients to improve accessibility around self-reporting, which until now has predominantly been managed via a paper diary-style tool.

Earlier this year, Dr Becky Jones, Research Communications Officer at Parkinson's UK spoke with Dr Rosie and her team, Gerry Standerline and Elaine Webster about their process of co-production for the application and the benefits it has brought to the project. Check out this exciting look into the inner workings of a co-production project via Dr Becky's Medium article here.