Arch showcasing at Flutter Forward 2023

Arch is excited to announce that on Wednesday 25th we will be showcased at Googles flagship event, Flutter Forward. 

Published by Hamish Kerry

Flutter Forward is an upcoming global event organised by the Flutter team, which will be streaming live from Nairobi, Kenya on January 25, 2023. 

This year, Arch has been asked to showcase our work as part of their keynote presentation on the possibilities of Flutter development, with focus given to 3 of our key projects, the SO VEGAN App, SKIN and Getahead. This is an amazing moment for our team and our clients, and reinforces our mission to be a leading provider of Flutter apps.

What is Flutter Forward? 

The event will be focused on the latest developments in the Flutter framework and how it can be used to build high-performance, scalable apps for mobile, desktop, embedded, and web devices. 

The event is being hosted in Africa as the region is undergoing rapid digital transformation, Google is heavily investing in the region, including opening its first African engineering centre in Nairobi, and the startup scene is booming, with hundreds of thousands of developers working in the African internet economy.

During the event, the Flutter team will be announcing new investments that they are working on, which showcase the direction they are planning to take Flutter over the coming year. The keynote will feature demos of what the team is working on, as well as showcasing what others in the broader community are doing with Flutter to push UI development forward.


Courtesy of Flutter via, credit to original publisher, Kelvin Boateng.

In addition to the keynote, there will be a live Q&A session called #AskFlutter, where the Flutter team will be answering all the questions you have about the framework, from platform-specific inquiries to why Dash must always have a sharp beak, never curved. There will also be tech talks covering the latest news, hot topics, and tips and tricks for building amazing experiences with Flutter.

The event will also feature watch parties in over 300 cities all over the globe, where attendees can gather with others to watch Flutter Forward together and network with local Flutter developers.

How can I attend? 

The event is still open for registration and is free to attend, you can sign up to be part of the livestream here: Register for Flutter Forward


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