Research: Apps in the Food and Drink Sector

In this blog, we explore how apps are shaping the food and drink sector and check in on the opportunities for businesses to engage with their consumers with them.

Published by Hamish Kerry

Staying on top of industry trends is important for all businesses, but when it comes to developing software, being familiar with and tapping into the trends becomes the difference between success and failure for digital products. 

We recently performed research into the sector to better understand how businesses can utilise apps to better engage with a foodie audience. 

We hope you enjoy our findings! 

The food and drink app landscape

Since the popularisation of brand based apps in the early 2000’s, traditional retail and service based industries have seen huge growth in demand from an ever changing consumer landscape. In 2020, 79% of smartphone users made an online purchase using their phones, resulting in £ 259.65 billion in mobile revenue sales. The benefits to a consumer based industry like Food and Drink have become undeniable. 

Here’s a few reasons why we’re excited about F&D brands adopting apps.


Average Age Group Index Among Top Apps Per Category

Health and fitness, as well as food and drink categories have strong uptake across multiple generations. However, Gen X and & Baby Boomers prefer applications from reliable sources, accounting for most of the downloads of such apps as BBC Good Food, NHS App and step tracking apps. Gen Z are more inclined to use homogeneous applications such as MyFitnessPal and Strava which aggregate multiple services into one.

Average Gender Group Index Among Top Apps Per Category

Global gender group indexes also show strong reception across the board. They are one of the safest bets on engagement for people of all backgrounds.



Our experience within the food and drink sector


Check out the So Vegan case study here

Check out the Nestle MNA case study here


The key ‘takeaways’


We hope you enjoyed our summary of how apps can help elevate your brand and reach above the crowd to offer your consumers something special in the F&D space.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help elevate your brand in the food and drink industry, you can drop us an email or give us a call here


Sources for the data in this article: The State of Mobile 2022

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