Arch is the Most Reviewed Flutter Developer on The Manifest

The Manifest names Arch as one of the most reviewed Flutter developers in the UK.

Published by Hamish Kerry

Any project we undertake calls for a blend of knowledge, creativity, and skill. A product or platform needs to make sense to the brand employing it in addition to having shape and function.

This is something unique that we believe our team is in the right position to provide our partners. Our approach takes the time to understand what makes a business special and work to enhance it. 

We’re so excited that this approach has proven successful, and has been recognised this year by a leading review based software firm sourcing site, The Manifest. They’ve named us one of the most positively reviewed Flutter Developers in the UK. 

The award comes as a result of the suite of successful flutter apps we’ve developed since adopting the technology, for bands including So Vegan, SKIN, Get Ahead and many more. 

What’s more important about this award is it’s inherent reliance on our partner’s reviews of our service, we’re so proud to be able to continuously deliver Flutter apps to their users that encapsulate their brand essence while providing an excellent medium for their offering.

If you’d like to learn more about how a Flutter app could be the solution to bridging the gap between you business and your customers, drop us an email or give us a call. We’d love to help!

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