The Big Names Banking on Flutter

In this blog, we take a look at some of the best flutter apps out there and find out just why they're regarded so highly by their users.

Published by Hamish Kerry

Flutter, it’s been our preferred development language for the last 4 years and whether or not we're slightly biased in saying this, we truly believe it offers the best hybrid experience of any language out there.

Flutter began life back in 2017 when Google announced the date of launching a new hybrid mobile application development framework. Met initially with caution offered developers an opportunity to explore app development in a new way built on the foundations of a more reliable hybrid language than those currently offered at the time. If you'd like to hear more about the story of Flutter and why we begin using it check out our blog on why we develop in Flutter.

Fast forward 4 years and it's not just developers taking advantage of Google's language, big brands globally have shifted the app experience towards a fully hybrid framework giving users exceptional quality experiences on both iOS and Android. The likes of BMW, eBay and Tencent all making the leap in the last few years.

So without further ado let's take a look at some of the best flutter apps out there and find out just why the users regard them so highly. While we could pack this list with some excellent applications that we've made for our wonderful partners across and a number of industries, we thought it prudent to keep this a learning experience for all our readers as to how big names are using the technology to achieve great things.

My BMW app

Let's start off the list with the My BMW App. This application, developed in-house by BMW at the Munich headquarters is a sign of BMW's commitment to providing their uses with a first-class mobile app experience. The application works as a universal interface for the car providing information on the vehicle status depending on upgrades it also enables remote operation of functions so just vehicle locating locking and unlocking of doors as well as the ability to monitor the car's vicinity through the 3D view.

The application allows users to boost comfort through preconditioning of vehicles as well as up-to-date information on current charging progress keeping users keys into their cars diagnostics at all times. Use for flutter application in this instance ensure that the cross-platform experience is the same for both users sets across Android and iOS alike, and improves the car maker’s ability to upgrade the application with ease and introducing new features alongside progressive car launches.


After launching the mobile-first bank and do an alternate title in 2016 the Brazilian start-up quickly realised the benefits of developing applications in a hybrid manner from the outset. After conducting a series of feasibility tests across different frameworks as well as exploring native builds on their Dyson Android the development team came to the conclusion that flutter was the best option to provide equal usability across iOS and Android devices.

While they still employ native developers new banks main offering comes in the form of a flutter application owing to its success the easy implementation of updates across both iOS and Android as well as lowered maintenance costs.


Ease of use came at the centre of Alibaba’s Xianyu application. With a user pool of 200 million and 50 million active users on their flutter application, Alibaba had a big job ahead of them when looking to create a mobile application that was going to be able to appeal to a large and varied audience. With large user levels, speed was the core of what they set out to achieve, whilst also being able to provide a beautiful user experience.

With their ever-changing home nation of China and audience expectations gathering momentum with each day, Alibaba had to ensure that their application could be utilised across a breadth of devices with varied processing abilities.

The main appeal of using flutter in this instance for Alibaba was the ease of maintenance of the codebase. Flutter only requires a single code base across both iOS and Android meaning applications development could be halved and new features implemented with ease across both platforms simultaneously.


Excellent design was at the core of what Reflectly wanted to achieve with their journaling app that seeks to remove the stress often experienced alongside the use of social media. The app’s goal is to provide a safe space where users can jot down their thoughts and feelings and monitor their progress from an emotional level over a given period, tracking improvements and thought patterns and holistic wellbeing.

While slick graphics and a calming colour pattern with certainly at the core of what Reflectly set out to offer, a key consideration had to be made for how easy the application was to use and how intuitive its interface would be for first time users. The resulting application is a gorgeous mix of pastel tones with features that are easy to navigate, as well as graphics and animations that move cleanly across the screen irrespective of the device.

eBay Motors

Launched in 2019 the eBay motors app has been the go-to place for automobiles in the US to purchase and sell vehicles. The online marketplace giant made the leap towards flutter after finding dissatisfaction with development timelines for native applications, as well as an increased need for quick load times in remote parts of the country.

The application includes a great lineup Of features. integration with Escrow has allowed eBay to provide users of the application a secure way to purchase vehicles online. Messaging and community-based interaction are also done with ease on the application allowing buyers and vendors the opportunity to communicate in the safety of eBay's online platform.

One of the best features for users is the ability to scan licence plates through the application which automatically detects details of a vehicle identification number, model, make and year.

Flutter apps are enjoyable to use, and the technology is constantly improving. Many businesses are finding them to be a great option, and a growing number of big-name companies (as you can see above) are going all-in on making sure they’re part of their digital offering. You can check out a range of other Fluter application currently available through Google’s handy Flutter showcase, and explore some more indie variants here: It's All Widgets

If you’d like to learn more about the possibilities of Flutter, drop us an email, or give us a call, we’re always happy to talk you through how we can help.

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