So Vegan listed in Apple's 'New Apps We Love'

Congratulations to our partners So Vegan on being featured in Apple's New Apps We Love listing

Published by Hamish Kerry

Apple have selected So Vegan's vegan recipe app in their New Apps We Love feature listing on the App Store.

The App Store has a global team dedicated to assisting users in finding and engaging with apps and games that are appropriate for their requirements. The editors curate App Store selections for each Apple platform in order to help apps and games reach the right customers, at the right times, and in the right locations.

Featured listings  are chosen based on a number of variables, all of which add up to a fantastic product that all buyers will like, and include: 

  • UI design. Great usability, appeal, and overall quality — such as beautiful visuals or intuitive gestures and controls.

  • User experience. Cohesive, efficient, and valuable functionality that’s helpful and easy to use.

  • Innovation. Solves a unique problem for users or takes advantage of new technologies to provide an optimal user experience.

  • Uniqueness. Stands out from the crowd, defines a new genre, or takes a fresh approach to a familiar category.

  • Accessibility. Well-integrated features that provide a great experience for a broad range of users.

  • Localization. High-quality and relevant localizations, including culturally appropriate content and support for multiple languages.

  • App Store product page. Compelling screenshots, app previews, and descriptions, as well as ratings and reviews.

Check out the video here

We’re so pleased to have worked with So Vegan on the SOVEGAN App, and to see a great success it’s having now that it’s live. With over 20,000 downloads, and a high audience retention rate we’re really happy to continue to be able to support them. 

You can download the app here for iOS and here for Android.

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