Everything New with Flutter 3.22

In this blog we're checking out the latest from Flutter and their new 3.22 release. 

Published by Hamish Kerry

At Arch, we've been leveraging Flutter's capabilities since 2019, crafting seamless and engaging mobile and web experiences for clients like So Vegan, Coeliac UK, SKIN, and Boilerjuice. The latest release, Flutter 3.22, brings a host of new features and improvements that have us excited about the future of cross-platform development. Here’s a closer look at what makes this release a game-changer.

WebAssembly: Revolutionising Web Performance

Flutter 3.22 introduces WebAssembly (Wasm) to the stable channel, marking a significant leap in web performance. For us at Arch, this means web applications can deliver even smoother animations and richer transitions. In internal benchmarks, the Google's test application, Wondrous, saw frame rendering time improve dramatically, which is a testament to Wasm’s potential. This is particularly crucial for projects where maintaining a high frame rate is essential, such as interactive web applications and complex animations.

Impeller Engine: Vulkan Backend Completeness

The Impeller rendering engine has received substantial updates, with the Vulkan backend for Android now feature complete. This ensures smoother graphics and improved performance, crucial for delivering a premium user experience. The reduction in shader compilation jank and the enhanced performance of complex animations and transitions are noticeable improvements. 

Enhanced Widget State Properties

The shift of MaterialState outside of the Material library and its renaming to WidgetState is a subtle yet powerful change. This enhancement makes state management more versatile and reusable across different parts of the framework, including Cupertino. 

Dynamic View Sizing and Form Validation

With enhancements to dynamic view sizing, building responsive layouts has become easier, ensuring that our apps look great across various devices. Improved form validation methods, contributed by the Flutter community, allow us to create more secure and user-friendly input forms. This is particularly beneficial for our projects with complex user interactions, ensuring both usability and security are top-notch.

Android-Specific Enhancements

For our Android projects, Flutter 3.22 brings several valuable updates. The deep link validator tool within DevTools now supports verifying setups within Android manifest files, simplifying the process of implementing deep links. Additionally, the support for Android’s predictive back gesture enhances navigation fluidity. The strict enforcement of version requirements for Gradle, AGP, Java, and Kotlin ensures compatibility and stability across our projects.

Gradle Kotlin DSL Support

The addition of Gradle Kotlin DSL support is a welcome change, offering a better code editing experience with features like auto-completion, quick access to documentation, source navigation, and context-aware refactoring. This improvement makes our development process more intuitive and efficient, allowing us to deliver high-quality code faster.

iOS Platform View Performance Boost

iOS developers will appreciate the significant improvements in platform view performance. Embedding multiple inline ads within scrolling views now results in reduced GPU usage, faster frame rendering times, and minimised jank. These optimisations are particularly beneficial for content-heavy apps, ensuring a smoother and more responsive user experience.

AI Integration with Vertex AI for Firebase

The Vertex AI for Firebase Dart SDK in public preview is an exciting addition for incorporating generative AI features into our apps. This SDK, integrated with Firebase App Check, ensures that our API calls are protected against threats like billing fraud and app impersonation. For our clients looking to integrate AI capabilities into their applications, this SDK offers a robust and scalable solution.

DevTools Updates

Continuous improvements to DevTools make debugging and performance analysis even more efficient. New features like CPU samples in the timeline, advanced filtering, and support for importing and exporting memory snapshots enhance our ability to troubleshoot and optimise our applications.

Google Mobile Ads SDK 5.0.1

For clients monetising their apps with ads, the Google Mobile Ads SDK has received a major update. Enhanced support for the User Messaging Platform SDK and expanded mediation partners, including Unity and Meta, provide more options for maximising revenue. These updates simplify the consent-gathering process and broaden our monetisation options, allowing us to optimise revenue streams for our clients.

In summary

Flutter 3.22 represents a significant step forward in cross-platform development. The new features and enhancements promise to make our development process more efficient and our applications more powerful. At Arch, we’re excited to leverage these updates to deliver even better experiences for our clients.


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