Arch's Journey in 2023: A Recap

In this blog, we reflect on our growth in 2023 and highlight some of the milestones we crossed in the year.

Published by Hamish Kerry

As we say goodbye to 2023, we’re reflecting on a year marked by achievements and growth. Our app downloads reached new heights, reinforcing our industry leadership. Highlights include recognition on Flutter's Consultancy Directory and showcasing innovative apps at Flutter Forward.

In 2023, our team expanded, welcoming talented individuals who contribute to our commitment to excellence. Looking ahead to 2024, we're excited about upcoming projects in health, finance, social media, and retail. The anticipation grows for the release of V1.5 and V2.0 products, showcasing our dedication to pushing the boundaries of app development.

Join us as we revisit 2023's highlights and eagerly anticipate the future. Arch is poised to tackle new challenges, innovate, and make 2024 a memorable year.

Downloads For Days

The year 2023 marked a significant milestone for Arch as our app downloads soared to new heights, surpassing 200,000 downloads across various platforms throughout the year. This achievement underscores the trust and satisfaction of our client's user base in the products we develop for them.

Flutter Favourites

Our recognition as one of the first agencies on Flutter's Consultancy Directory stands as a testament to our prowess as Flutter developers. A five-year journey, with two years collaborating closely with Google's Flutter team, has led us to this prestigious position.

Matthew O'Connor, our Director of Growth, Marketing and Account Management, shared his thoughts on this accomplishment, stating,

"Being selected for this list is the culmination of work with Google's Flutter team that has seen our client's work showcased on their site, presented in keynote addresses worldwide, and our pivotal role in shaping Flutter as a product."

In addition to this honour, Arch had the privilege of being featured at Flutter Forward during the keynote presentation. Three of our outstanding apps—SO VEGAN App, SKIN, and Getahead—were showcased, providing a glimpse into the innovative solutions we crafted using Flutter. You can relive the moment by watching the presentation here.


New Team Members

The growth of our team was another highlight of 2023, with the welcoming of six talented individuals across our product, design, and development departments. If you've been following our quarterly newsletter, you've likely joined us in extending warm welcomes to these exceptional professionals at various points throughout the year.

Our 2023 team member additions:

  • Michael Dunwell (UI/UX Designer): Michael brings his creative flair to both web and app projects.

  • V Brewster (Product Manager): Bringing a wealth of experience in QA testing and product management.

  • Thomas Lilley (Flutter Developer): Adding his expertise to our Flutter development team.

  • Rachel Vaclik (Product Manager): A seasoned professional joining our product management team.

  • David Kisbey-Green (Flutter Developer): Contributing to our Flutter development endeavours.

  • Matthew Bacon (Dev Ops): Strengthening our DevOps capabilities.


Plenty on the Way to Come

As we step into 2024, Arch is gearing up for an exciting journey with a plethora of soon-to-be-released projects spanning various industries. Our focus extends to health and fitness, finance, social media, and retail. Brace yourselves for the unveiling of V1.5 and V2.0 products in the early part of 2024, promising even more innovation and user-centric solutions.

My Pension ID

Arch is working with Pension ID to develop the new iOS and Android versions. Using open banking and ID verification APIs, My Pension ID provides a central place for users of the app to find, secure and provide digital verification for pensions and savings. mypensionID offers a secure and convenient way to keep people connected with their pensions.

Boiler Juice

Founded in 2004, Boiler Juice is the UK’s leading heating oil marketplace, their fully independent service is favoured by thousands of customers. We’re working with them to develop a new app that will assist their customers in finding the best-priced oil and give them the facility to order directly from their homes or businesses.


Embi is a new dating app for the modern age allowing individuals to connect through a passion for fitness, helping like-minded users find love or a new gym buddy!


Introducing FindR, the app designed to connect individuals with diverse financial needs to a wide array of support and solutions. Unlike many services operating strictly during regular business hours, FindR is accessible 24/7, accommodating both employed individuals seeking financial assistance outside their work hours and those who are unemployed or homeless. This versatile app tailors its offerings to each individual's unique background and circumstances, ensuring comprehensive support for all users.

Sweaty Gamer

Sweaty Gamer aims to help young gamers who play a lot of games indoors to get out, have a healthier lifestyle and get access to exercise tips and guides without investing in expensive gym memberships or equipment. The app is designed to create a complementary link between sedentary activities and exercises that can be performed in a range of spaces. 

Omnia Machinery

Omnia Machinery is a global supplier of heavy plant and construction machinery, we source the best quality used machines from our trusted suppliers. We're working with them on the redesign and development of their website.


In 2023, Arch achieved industry leadership with soaring app downloads and recognition on Flutter's Consultancy Directory. Our team expanded, welcoming six talented members, and setting the stage for an exciting 2024. Looking ahead, we're set to unveil V1.5 and V2.0 products, along with a diverse range of new projects in projects in health and fitness, finance, social media, retail and utilities.


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