Arch Makes the Flutter Consulting Directory

This week we become inaugural members of Google's Flutter Consulting Directory!


Published by Hamish Kerry

This week marked a significant milestone for Arch, as Google's Flutter team unveiled a carefully curated directory of distinguished businesses that have earned their coveted seal of approval for crafting top-notch Flutter mobile, desktop, and web applications. This prestigious roster, a result of meticulous consideration, features only 14 exceptional agencies from around the world.

In the ever-changing world of app development, design agencies, and digital technology consultancies play a crucial role in ensuring the success of apps. Enterprises often seek the help of these consultancies to brainstorm new ideas, improve existing apps, or benefit from their development expertise. Similarly, startups rely on these agencies to establish their brand identity and create basic prototypes. Finding such reliable partners in the vast array of options available can be quite challenging.

This is precisely why the Flutter team is thrilled to introduce the Flutter Consultant Directory.

Leigha Jarett, the Product Manager at Flutter, shared her enthusiasm, stating, “We’re launching this new page to simplify finding trusted Flutter partners. We vet the partners listed in the directory to verify their record of successful Flutter projects, a sufficient number of skilled developers on staff, and their commitment to grow the Flutter community.”

Among the elite agencies included in this exclusive list is Arch.

This achievement is the culmination of five years of dedicated work with Flutter, during which two of those years were spent collaborating with Google's Flutter team to enhance the framework's capabilities for crafting exceptional applications.

"Being selected for this list is the culmination of work with Google's Flutter team that has seen our client's work be showcased on their site, presented as part of keynote addresses to audiences of developers around the world, and our work in helping shape Flutter as a product." - Matthew O'Connor, the Commercial Product Director

We are truly ecstatic to be a part of this distinguished list, which serves as further validation of our team's proficiency in delivering outstanding projects.


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