Where do I begin?

The Arch team have been hard at work putting together a comprehensive guide to give some insight into how you can prepare yourself for approaching a software agency when starting out with your new start-up.

Published by Hamish Kerry

Taking the first steps on any journey are always marked as the hardest. A theory made all the more real when that journey is developing a new business idea, be that a completely fresh start with the founding of a start-up, or when taking an established business online.

In this blog, we want to focus on the first of those two, start-ups.

Now we know there are countless articles and books and guides professing the ‘best’ pathway for getting started, and while they’re excellent for the infant stages of your start-up, we found they dropped off when it came to giving insight into how you go about approaching a software developer.

If you don’t have the technical know-how, we’ve found this can be a really daunting phase of the journey. So, in an effort to remedy this, we’ve come up with a handy video guide that will help you gain insider knowledge into how to:

  • Get started with research, looking at user groups and competitors.

  • Find potential sources of funding.

  • Identifying a developer that is a good fit for your business.

  • What to bring to a developer in order for them to succeed.

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Written and Produced by Hamish Kerry, Marketing Executive at Arch

Video by Matthew O'Connor, Commercial Director at Arch

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