Whether you want to explore proof of concept for a service within a large organisation or build a strong portfolio for gaining investment in a new startup, Kickstart is our launchpad for success.

What is Kickstart?

Kickstart is all about getting projects moving in the right direction. On a typical project, Discovery provides us with all we need to know to get the project off the ground. However, where there might need to be a deeper exploration of ideas, or a desire to further convince stakeholders of an idea's validity, Kickstart is the best way to go.

What does Kickstart involve?

Kickstart provides an excellent option to further flesh out the app while giving you a crafted document that depicts a technical outlook of the completed project. Further to the work done in Discovery, Kickstart provides our clients with:

  1. Discovery workshop
  2. Logo/branding (if required)
  3. High fidelity prototypes (wireframes) of key screens.
  4. A branded marketing website to help drum excitement around the platform.
  5. A detailed spec addressing design and tech requirements
  6. A pack that contains spec and that also explores timelines, sprint plans, fixed cost to get the product live.

We'd love to chat about your project!

We're here to help. If you've got an idea or a direct need you would like help addressing, we're all ears!