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Our product range is small but powerful, highlighting the diverse specialist development work we can deliver.  All products have an element of bespoke development that bridges the gap between off the shelf purchase and full bespoke build.

off the shelf purchase - bespoke quality – timely delivery


Integrity Management System

Designed to improve IMR (inspection, maintenance and repair) workflow scheduling and give clear project overview our IMS key functionality includes:

  • Easy entry of assets
  • Detailing maintenance work-flow
  • Production of work packs for engineers
  • Traffic light coded status overview
  • Up-stream/down-steam identification 
  • Document control with automated drawing revision control
  • Tagging latest drawing to a work pack 
  • Project data easily accessible at any time
  • Look-up torque calculation engine
  • Guest access to the client allowing full project overview

Originally designed for Flange Management within the Oil/Gas sector this software can be adapted for any large scale IMR activity.  

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Skills Gap Analysis

Keeping track of individual workforce data, operative roles, required qualifications along with their expiry date can be time consuming and often manual task. The consequences of letting qualifications lapse can be extremely costly to an organisation/contractor.

Our SGA software will prevent this happening as it provides:

  • Easy data entry into one system
  • Assigning of qualifications to roles with validity period (if required)
  • Assigning of operatives to roles, and operatives to projects

A set of matrix style analysis reports will show:

  • Projects – number of site locations, number of workforce and more
  • Qualification expiry by operative (full list)
  • Qualification outstanding by role/operative 

All reports are actionable by each line of date and uur built in training facilitation tool allows training to be arranged, results entered and operative records updated smoothly.

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Online Entry & Judging System

Taking the stress out of managing competition entries and judging activity, our online Entry/Judging system provides a portal that effortlessly streamlines the entire process.

Functionality includes but not limited to:

  • Link to entry system that can be inserted to any online content
  • Online entry/questions formatted to suit your competition process
  • Ability to upload supporting documents as part of entry
  • Easy collation of entries
  • All judges are added to the system
  • Voting/scoring is carried out online
  • Shortlisting facility

Currently used by a major awards organisation the system has transformed the awards process, making it efficient and less time consuming for all concerned, including applicants.

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CRM & Reporting Tool

Here at ARCH we have developed our own CRM system as a result of using many different versions and never quite getting all we wanted from it and at the same time not using a lot of functionality that was available.

We realise CRM’s are used in different ways by different organisations, therefore we have built ours to be easily adapted, extended to meet the needs of future clients.

Contact us for a chat to find our more, discuss what you currently use and the issues you have.  A swap to ARCH CRM with some bespoke attributes may just be the answer to remove the obstacles currently faced.

Interested in finding out more? Drop us an email or give us a call on 0191 4328092