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DMA Website

The DMA (Direct Marketing Association) approached us to develop a brand new website, from the ground up to better represent their business as well as offer a cutting edge service to their users.  ARCH developed a CMS (Content Management System) from the ground-up for the DMA site that they could manage all of their own content, as well as members, organisation profiles and exclusive events.  We also revolutionised the way in which content was delivered to their user base.  Instead of the traditional way that users find content by navigating around your website, the DMA website pushes content feeds directly to the users 'wall' based on their interests and previous website activity.

We also developed a single point of authentication for the DMA with their website using OAuth2 technology.  This means that users who access any of the DMA's we resources, including their awards system can do so from one central place.  No need to remember multiple passwords!

We are also in the process of fully integrating the DMA website and membership system into a brand new CRM system in order to reduce administration time/cost and improve efficiency for the organisation.