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Pidgeon appointed Arch to deliver a website discovery project for a new EV platform. So why is discovery so key for Arch? Put simply:


Discovery allows us to understand what function the website needs to perform to support your business goals. Without this knowledge, the launch will only deliver generic results.


Enter the website discovery session for Pidgeon, a meeting between the project team and client to understand the business and technical + creative needs of there website inside out. We used this time to ask questions such as:


What are your goals?

What is your strategy?

How do you operate?

Where can a website support this activity?


The deliverables:

The answers to these questions armed us with the knowledge to deliver a bespoke website scope, with recommendations as to: 

  • How best to engage the core audience of the site. 
  • Which technology to use, along with any third-party APIs.
  • The best features to focus the budget against.
  • Future roadmap considerations.
  • As well a project sprint plan that gets us to go-live in a timely manner. 


We also expanded into:

  • Business goals
  • The target market
  • The goals of the website