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DMA Awards - Judging Software

As well as working with the DMA on their annual awards entry process, we also helped them transform the way in which their entry judging was carried out.  

Previously, each end every entry submitted to the DMA as part of their annual awards was printed out and their supporting material for each viewed on a single shared screen for all judges to see.  This process was dated and time consuming.  So, ARCH helped the DMA take their data and put it into an interactive iPad application on which judges can view, score and award entries.  This transformed the annual judging event, setting the company apart with it's unique solution.  

The solution allowed each judge to have their own iPad and conduct judging at their own pace, on only the entries that are awarded to them.  Furthermore, all supporting material, which can consist of images, PDF files, movie and sound files could also be viewed on the iPad, eliminating the need for a single shared screen.