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The client

DB8 is a new mobile platform for iOS & Android. 

The DB8 app is perfect for gaining a better understanding of any subject and for the exposure to alternative views that are not typically represented in the mainstream media.



Are you strongly opinionated? Maybe you have views that others do not share? There are always two sides to a coin, right?

DB8 has been created for the purpose of putting your thoughts across to a global audience!

The aim of DB8 is to promote communication between users so that knowledge is shared!

The DB8 community is encouraged to submit their own debate questions via the feedback form within the app.


Features include

  • Onboarding (Google, Facebook)
  • Profile creation and management
  • Ability to start debates and threads
  • Post new and respond to comments to actively engage with other users
  • View the latest debates on the Newest 8 page
  • Comments
  • Comment admin
  • User admin
  • Social integration