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Case Studies



Pidgeon appointed Arch to deliver a website discovery project. Discovery is how we gather and organize as much information about a platform as possible. 

Delivered over a 4-week duration, allowing time for a full day workshop + post-workshop activity to refine direction, leading to the eventual discovery pack & scope deliverable.

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Swissphone GmbH


Headquartered in Samstagern near Zurich, Switzerland, Swissphone Wireless AG is an independent Swiss company with around 250 employees, founded in 1969.

Swissphone specialises in the development and production of alerting solutions for blue-light organisations. The group has subsidiaries in Germany, France, Austria, and the USA.

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The DB8 contacted Arch to help them redevelop there iOS and Android app. The outcome from this has seen us design and build the app that's perfect for gaining a better understanding of any subject that is not typically represented in the mainstream media.

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HeYo engaged Arch to develop a prototype that shows exactly how the finished app should look. This saw us taking HeYo through a detailed discovery process that allowed us to consider the features required to engage a target audience of 18-30 years old.


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BBMV were having a big problem with their old paper-based systems. They really needed to be able to track their employees skills gap but had no real way of doing it. This, of course, meant a big move online.

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True Student


True Student wanted an app solution which their tenants could use to get the most of their student experience. There was an existing website and they required us to work together with the agency who built it to port key information through to a new app we would be developing. This would need to hook into the existing website’s API.

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All Seasons Leisure


We used our in-house framework and existing modules to produce a feature-rich, entirely scalable system. We built this as a web application so it would be available online 24/7 and work responsively across various devices, as requested by the client.

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Willmott Dixon


Willmott Dixon had a problem managing their building maintenance schedule. They needed a responsive, mobile-ready solution to help them schedule their staff onto jobs, and they needed to securely store and transfer the job data.

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Northumbria University - NU Myspace


We designed Northumbria Uni a linux based online server solution. This consisted of unlimited jailed user environments and allowed staff to enable or disable access as and when they required..

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