Arch offer a wide range of services. We pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality solutions with our staff providing the highest level of expertise available. We don't just do the job and say goodbye, our aim is to build long-term relationships with our clients.



Brand building begins with not just good design, but Arch Design.

It’s no easy task to decide, then describe the image you want your website or software product to portray. At Arch we understand that for some, even the process of deciding on a theme for a website brings them out in cold sweat. After all it’s a huge decision, and will represent your business/product to the world for a long time to come.

Fear no more

Help is at hand in the form of our amazing in-house designer, our access to unlimited coffee and our ability to work with you through the evolution of your design in a structured yet inspiring process.  Ensuring the design is right for the target audience, while expertly distinguishing your business from others.

Happy Days

Once we have the design in the bag then we’re good to go and can offer a full range of graphic design services from websites to stationary to brochure design and everything in between.

Design – Love it, not live with it!

Interested in talking about all things Design? Drop us an email or call us on 0191 4328092. 


Web & App Development

The Wonderful World of Websites

Websites can be utilised by visitors for many things. Simple fact finding from an information site, making a purchase large or small, educating and testing, entering competitions, planning a route from A to B, the list is endless but the one thing they should all have in common is an intuitive, simple user experience.

How many times have you left a website through sheer frustration?

At Arch we put the user first in all our website builds including the content management system. If it’s not simple it doesn’t make the site until it is. A simple user experience makes happy users, keeping them on your site for longer and guarantees they will return.

Our team keep up to date with all the latest development technologies, ensuring the best solution is developed to meet the needs of the client brief.

Arch Websites – Simply Built, Beautifully Designed


Go Mobile

The increasing use of mobile devices means users want to do everything on the move with information at their fingertips.  Where once they were restricted by the logistics of laptop or PC a mobile device can deliver information just about anytime and anywhere.

A mobile app can be an extension of your website, a standalone app or a solution that improves efficiency in day to day tasks to list just a few uses.

Get in touch if you're interested in web & mobile app development. Call us on 0191 4328092 or email us, we’re here to help.


Specialist Solutions

Understanding where and when to introduce a software solution into a business can be tricky.

Arch Top Tip Number 1 – Identify Pain Points

Identify pain points that staff have trying to complete day to day tasks as a starting point.

Once the task is complete what issues do you face around saving, accessing, recalling, sharing and presenting data.

Arch Top Tip Number 2 – Time & Cost

Calculate the time and cost of all the pain points.

If you’re staggered at the cost of “living with” an issue rather than alleviating it. Then it’s time to contact Arch.

We work with clients to understand their pain points and the issues caused. Some clients have a feel already for how technology could minimise or even alleviate the issues, and have a brief ready. However we love nothing more than to assess a process and come up with innovative bespoke software solutions.

To set up a call or you'd like to come in and see us, call us on 0191 4328092 or drop us an email.



Hosting with Arch – You’re in Safe Servers and Hands

At Arch we’ll host, and if you like we’ll maintain your website. As most companies do, we provide:

  • Self maintained secure servers easily coping with varying levels of traffic
  • No single point of failure
  • Multiple forms of redundancy & backup
  • Load balancing
  • Latest firewall technologies

However, host with Arch and you’ll be part of a family. Using our maintenance service, you’ll be partnered with a friendly, dedicated developer who will take care of you and your website. We don’t expect you to be technically savvy or speak the jargon, just call us directly and we’ll help you.

As your business grows, especially with global points of presence it’s important to ensure your online performance doesn’t let you down. Chat to Arch about designing a hosting solution that keeps you online and always gives your visitors the best experience.

We have various packages available for hosting and maintenance, give us a call on 0191 4328092 or drop us an email to find out more.



Free Coffee

Give us a call and pop along for a coffee and a chat about your future project.